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P.I. 01570220283

AGOPLAST SRL UNIPERSONALE - Via dell’Industria 11- 35010 Borgoricco (PD)   

Codice Fiscale e P. IVA n. 04994970285


Agoplast was born when owner, Mr. Agostini, had a eureka moment in 1983 when he married his technical abilities with his inner businessman.

AGOPLAST products have one essential characteristic: they are products of the highest quality, because the tiniest technical details and the use of carefully selected materials have been considered and analysed with the highest degree of attention.


For the past 30 years Agoplast has grown from strength to strength and has established itself in the market through its flexible and adaptable qualities, typical of a well-organised, well-established company.

The new Borgoricco branch has been equipped with computerised machinery and sophisticated equipment that make production and manufacturing qualitatively and quantitatively extremely valued on the market.

Agoplast boasts expert employees who over the years have gained considerable status in the industry.

We have a substantial portfolio of clients recognised for their quality both nationally and internationally.

When it comes to technology, we understand the importance of quality and know-how, which, over time, we have developed together with a close-knit team of collaborators. We are convinced that all this bodes for a promising future and that is why we have proudly invested in Italy.

- “We like to think that a client walks in with an idea, and walks away with it in plastic” - Agostini Antonio.