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P.I. 01570220283

AGOPLAST SRL UNIPERSONALE - Via dell’Industria 11- 35010 Borgoricco (PD)   

Codice Fiscale e P. IVA n. 04994970285



Agoplast is a company with 30 years of experience in the industry of technical moulding of thermoplastic materials, and it continues to grow thanks to a constant updating and training of its staff.

We design the moulds, modify them as needed, and print using different types of presses.

Being able to meet the needs of our clients, through the realisation of the projects entrusted to us, is what gives us the most satisfaction.

» The design and construction of the moulds required for manufacturing is the task of a specific study, managed by the owner himself, Antonio Agostini, and his team.

» The productive power of Agoplast chiefly consists of the fulfilment of the specifications and details required by the client.

» The premises, in addition to owning a large range of presses, also has an internal workshop for the maintenance and construction of equipment, and the modification and construction of moulds. The workshop, equipped with machinery tools, also carries out polishing and finishing of any manufacturing defects on the moulds and/or equipment.