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P.I. 01570220283

AGOPLAST SRL UNIPERSONALE - Via dell’Industria 11- 35010 Borgoricco (PD)   

Codice Fiscale e P. IVA n. 04994970285


For the past 30 years Agoplast has specialised in the production of thermoplastic components for industries such as: lighting, irrigation, furniture, industrial packaging, bar fittings etc. It has also had a particular penchant for technical components, for which the use of technopolymers of a high technological content conform to current regulations.

Our flagship product, both for performance and price, the item that represents our excellence both in Italy and abroad, is the Plastic Spool. In fact, we are among the most important manufacturers of Plastic Spools, which are wound metal wires that are then used in the welding industry.



In addition to the production of goods for third parties, we have our own product that we manufacture and market.